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Al Car Removals Provides Scrap Car Removal in Byron Bay

Al Car Removals are well known for paying top cash for unwanted cars, and this includes scrap car removal in Byron Bay. Getting rid of an unwanted vehicle can be a hassle, especially if it is in poor or even unworking condition. Not only that, they can be an eyesore, detracting from your enjoyment of your property. Let us take your unwanted car, no matter the condition, and give you cash for it

Why You Should Use Al Car Removals

As an experienced player in the industry, we’ve cultivated a reputation for making the scrapping process easy for the consumer. As a part of this, we collect your car within two hours. We pay cash for scrap cars in Byron Bay on the spot for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, etc.

  • When it comes to removing and paying for unwanted cars in Byron Bay, we are not just the wrecker but the buyer as well. When you come to us, you are only dealing with one company and don’t have to pay for a wrecker to haul your car to the scrapper.
  • We understand that everyone has busy lives and want to make the removal process as simple and easy for you. You don’t have time to wait around all day, which is why we collect your unwanted cars within two hours.
  • Getting rid of your unwanted cars doesn’t only remove the eyesore from your property, it can get you paid as well. We pride ourselves in offering the best rates for cash for cars in Byron Bay from $100-$9999, and we pay on the spot.

Benefits of Unwanted Car Removals in Byron Bay from Al Car Removals

Unwanted cars take up a lot of space on your property, space that you could use for other purposes. If you have a junk car, maybe one that has been in an accident or sustained other damage, it can also be an eyesore. Not only that, but damaged cars can leak oil or other fluids and contaminate the ground. Give us a call, and we will get rid of them and pay the best scrap prices.

  • Nobody likes having an unwanted car taking up valuable space on their property. They can be an eyesore to both you and your neighbours. They will thank you if you call us to take it away, and you will have that space back to use as you want as well as cash to spend on something else.
  • Unwanted cars, especially damaged and unworking ones can be dangerous as well. Fluids leaking from them can contaminate your land, and they are attractive for children to play on. The last thing you want is for someone to injure themselves on your unwanted car.
  • The most attractive benefit is the cash we pay to take your junk car away.

About Al Car Removals

We have been removing and scrapping cars for over ten years and are one of the biggest car removal systems in the entire Brisbane area. Our size and experience give us the ability to pay the best rates.

If you are interested in learning more about getting cash for cars in Byron Bay, contact us today.

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